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Microsoft Windows can simply be seen as Operating System that a computer system needs to run and perform some expected functions. It was first launched in November 1985, ever since then the Microsoft has been taken it upon itself to keep upgrading it, introducing new Windows features, loading it with more functions and getting it programmed to satisfy its users across the globe.

Actually, we can say the introduction of Microsoft Windows 10 is a blessing to this internet age as it has covered a long way to reduce stress, confusion, the technicality of Windows operating computer systems. Before it was invented, PCs were operated by a series of text command.

With the invention of Windows, you can now easily interact with the computer with the aid of mouse, microphone, keyboard etc. It is also equipped to deal with users instructions and expressed messages about errors occurred. Moreover, versatility is another benefit of Windows You can perform more than one task at a time on it. Also, beautiful side of Windows is the potential of recognizing accesses of different users and ultimately ensures the security of the computer.

However, because of the nature of this Windows Operating System, being software that is programmed to perform certain functions for its users, technical support is required in some cases to get it running. Many technical challenges and Windows problems lead users to call Windows technical support number for instant help. The support number is +1-888-735-9847 for Microsoft Outlook. Below are some of the basic reasons why Windows malfunction on day-to-day basis.

windows technical support

  • If a wrong command is entered it could lead to Windows malfunctioning.
  • Introduction of corrupt files and data could as well lead to Windows malfunctioning
  • Inviting non-technicians to temper the programs also will lead windows malfunctioning.

Microsoft Windows is an interesting Operating System of PC, but there are some certain things that appear like bad eggs in it which has often caused users to require technical support from the manufacturer. Some of these are all but not limited to the following:

  • Constant rebooting after Windows update
  • Program compatibility problem
  • Problems of Drivers problem
  • Folders setting forgotten
  • Running low on memory e.t.c.

Whatever problem is it you are facing, technical support for Microsoft Windows is available to get all issues resolved. Microsoft technical support is always ready to address all issues and ensure remedies are provided.

Windows Tech Support for Common Problems and Errors

As earlier said, Windows is an amazing OS that guarantees full satisfaction, but due to what is expected of it manage (Apps, program, files) it tends to develop some issues at times.

This section will discuss the common errors and problems of Windows and tech support for them.

common windows problems

Random sound or total absence of sound

When you discover Your PC is producing strange sound, try and clean your PC up. But, if it brings no sound at all, do a Windows search and search sound menu to correct the error. Moreover, if you are using external speaker, your default device should be the speaker. Upon verifying that the speaker is good, but still no sound, then your drive or 3.5mm port requires an update.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

This phenomenon is has a lot of effect on your windows system. The bright way to correct this is to locate the cause (files, apps etc) and try repairing or uninstall them and then install back with updated version. If the problem persists then you need to change your hardware.

Slowness of Cursor or total stop

Shut down your computer System immediately you discover this and restart again. Ensure the mouse is well plugged into the port. If the issue persists, it’s likely your mouse needs cleaning as dust might have sneaked into it.

Rebooting over and over again

Apart from when you first initiated a window update, if your PC restarts over and over again, you need to check the graphics card and drivers. Virus can also cause this.

Global Microsoft Windows Technical Support

Microsoft technicians always make themselves available to render technical assistance to users who face one or two challenges using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

There are centers and 24/7 online support forum which consist of highly recognized technicians from Microsoft. They are at all time ready to provide support on different sections of Windows. They help in Microsoft office, outlook etc. Gone are the days when users still manage to decode and repaired certain issues developed by their computer system, but in these present days, more features have come into the system and technicality of diagnosing problems has increased dramatically. There has been the need to require the service of technicians.

However, today, technology has advanced so much that you don’t need to physically engage with professionals before your computer issues can be solved. Online services are everywhere. All you need to do when you notice your PC is developing an issue is to reach them out through calls for support services. They will respond quickly and your system will be remotely attended to. You can take your time out and do some research on your internet-connected device in a bid to have access to the contact details of Microsoft Technical Support.

For more information on the Microsoft Windows technical support line, navigate through website. Once you are able to get that, next thing is to reach them for quick provision of support to your issues. Moreover, technical support is as well available for those that prefer text-based contacts. The technicians are ready to go into live chat with users facing one or two things. Get their contact and upon that, carefully submit your queries for online help.

microsoft windows technical support

How to Contact Windows Technical Support Center?

 A good question you might be asking yourself is how and when do I contact windows technical support? If you face any problems that have to do with Windows, Microsoft software or services, you will learn how to contact Microsoft Windows technicians for instant help in this guide.

The best proof ever on earth that you are entitled to assistance from Microsoft are the fact you are customers to them, that is you use their products and services.

Contacting Microsoft can take many ways:

  • Microsoft Windows Support Number

Microsoft customer service phone numbers are available 24/7 from Monday to Friday 5.00AM- 9PM Pacific Time and Saturday and Sunday. 6.00AM-3.00PM Pacific Time. Contact the following numbers:

(888) 735-9847 (for US, Canada)

0008004402130 (for India)

0800260330 (for UK)

However, you can get your country’s pioneer support online.

  • Email Microsoft Support

Sending mail to Microsoft is another beautiful way to have a firsthand remedy to all your issues. Navigate through their website, get their email address and submit your queries to them. They reply emails shortly.

  • Links on Microsoft Websites

Here, several issues have been addressed. In case you prefer to browse technical solutions to your Windows issues, they have links with lots of tips and troubleshooting tutorials for Windows. visit and find troubleshooting blogs, news, and articles on the latest Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Live Chat

You can quickly reach Microsoft is through live chat. If customer service agent is online, definitely, you can involve in live chat with them and your queries will be addressed.

Why Technical Support from Microsoft Window?

Actually, there are many professionals out there on the internet offering technical support for windows issues but we must say the truth there are advantages of consulting Technical Support for help above any other means.

Advantages of Microsoft Technical support over others

Below are few points based on Windows user inputs and selected as reasons why Windows users need Windows Technical Support services from Microsoft team.

  • Instant results:

Contacting Microsoft Windows for technical support can be real-time as fast as jet. There are many means of reaching them out. In case one way proved abortive, try another means, it will be successful. But certified Windows support technicians are available 24×7 and 365 days a year.

  • Manufacturer:

Microsoft is the manufacturer of Windows. They have all knowledge as regards any issue much more than anyone outside the system.

  • Effectiveness:

There is 100% certainty that your computer system will work perfectly after Microsoft technicians act on it.


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