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Records have it that Microsoft first production happened in 1985. From that year to this present moment, operating Windows has been convenient because of the massive effort Microsoft has been channeling towards upgrading and adding of new features every now and then. Adding to these records of conveniences, we have windows 7 making everything easy for computer users.

Furthermore, Windows 7 came with help and support features. This helps you to understand how to use this operating system. Moreover, it entails answers from Microsoft concerning issues or problems you are facing.

How to get started with your computer:

Here, a list of topics that covers from protecting your computer to installing of programs. Find blog articles on Windows 7 and content on troubleshooting Windows 7 problems and errors.

Learn about Windows Basics

Links to basics topics will instantly show up for you. Users feel the need for Windows support services can get technical support for troubleshooting Windows problems and errors.

Browse Help Topics

If you need any information about hardware, Devices, and drivers, this is where you will find them. Content page and the appropriate link will show up.

Moreover, you can search out several topics from windows help and support window.

Windows 7 has lots of amazing features, but that does not mean there are no issues associated with it that will arouse you to call out to the manufacturer technicians for help and issues on technical issues. There are lots of technical issues that require ultimate support from Microsoft technicians. These are all but not limited to the following:

  • Activation Questions
  • Realizing Password Issues
  • Problems of videos
  • Computer locks up

Windows 7 Support for Common Problems and Errors

This guide covers Windows 7 support for common errors and problems and how to go about resolving them.


  • System locks up

This is one of the usual issues associated with Windows 7. So if you discover your PC stops so respond to your command all of a sudden, it’s likely you are facing lockup problem. There are several things that used to cause this: the change in hardware can cause this. So you are advised to remove all hardware before you step on troubleshooting.

Note: Your monitor, mouse, and keyboard should be left alone. Apart from these ones, remove all hardware, but if the problem persists you can troubleshoot.

  •  Resolving password problems

There are as well issues of a lost password in Windows 7 and the most efficient way to go about resolving it is to use password reset disk.

Follow the following steps if you have reset disk

  • When your system comes up, where you are required to I put a password, click reset password.
  • Insert recovery diskette or USB key
  • A set of instructions show up, meant for you to follow to create a new password.

Then you can now log on to your account with the new password.

  • Wireless Networking Windows 7

Another popular issue associated with Windows 7 is the issue of wireless networking. You can troubleshoot your PC, but if the problem persists you are advised to contact Microsoft Technical support for help.

  • DVD Drive not found

This is how you can go about resolving your windows 7 that can’t find your optical drive.

Click>start, search for > regedit and Lunch it from the > results, Navigate to> “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\currentcontrolset\control\class” in the > right hand-panel delete>upper filters > lower filters restart windows.

Global Windows 7 Technical Support Services

Global support services for Windows 7 is a service that has been taking place all around. IT men are everywhere both online and offline providing the technical help for those that need it. It’s likely you have challenges in the course of using Windows 7 on your PC, whatever challenges you are facing, you will still get a technician that will help you out.

windows 7 help and support

Those that offer this service are many, but you don’t need to be confused or overwhelmed by the huge number of them available online. Are you confused as to the right person to choose or hire for your project? This guide will discuss how to hire the right technician to handle your computer. Furthermore, location is not a problem at all. Technology has advanced much more than getting worried about IT men’s location. Today, technicians remotely access computer systems and do the right thing on them. So either your technician is in your locality or somewhere else in other parts of the world, you will have your computer system attended to properly.

The following tips will guide you through in course of looking for the right technician for your project.

Carrying Out of Research:

This is a computer age and technology has put light on all dark things. Before you strike any deal with anyone, make sure you carry out your thorough research so that:

  1. You won’t be cheated
  2. Your computer system won’t be opened to risk.
  3. Your delicate data won’t leak out into the hands of scammers


Carrying out research on your own to secure a technician is not a bad thing, however, it is better and faster if you can get a recommendation of competent one from family and friends.

Thorough Negotiation:

Upon getting one for your computer, you should involve in thorough negotiation that will cut across financial capability, challenges you are facing and delivery of service.

On-going business deal:

It is more effective, efficient and less risky to have a stable technician for your computer than switching from one to another to avert the risk of losing important data into the hands of scammers.

How to Contact Microsoft Windows 7 Support?

Microsoft, the manufacturer of Windows 7 has the interest of their customers in mind. For this reason, there are technicians in Microsoft that provide technical assistance for customers who are battling with some challenges. Going through these technical executives comes with lots of benefit than hiring outsiders to operate on your computer system. Now if Microsoft has a tech team that attends to customers, how do I reach them?

Choose Windows 7 Support Directly From Microsoft

This might be a question hovering in your head. You will learn how to go about contacting Microsoft Windows 7 support team in this guide.

Do you have any challenges in using Windows 7? Have you been trying to reach technical executives all to no avail? Here are how to contact Microsoft support services for Windows 7?

  • Community

There is a community created by Microsoft. it’s is a forum that is constituted by tech experts and users. Little research on your device that has access to the Internet will get you landed on the forum.

  • Communication through Phone

Interestingly, Microsoft has ambassadors in almost all countries. You can easily get your location phone Contact and reach the technical support team for assistance.

  • Email and Live Chat

When the technical support men are online, they are ready to go into a live chat with customers. Message them and submit your complaints and in no time your issue will be properly addressed. Moreover, Microsoft Windows 7 supports team never joke with email messages. They treat all incoming messages like a new customer. Shortly after you message them, they will respond to your message.

Why Windows 7 Support from Microsoft?

There are no challenges you are facing in your windows 7 you can’t get a technician to help you out on. The Windows 7 technical support at Microsoft is available 24×7 and 365 days a year. We have certified and talented Windows 7 technicians or men around but for the purpose of,

Microsoft Windows 7 Technical Support

  • Ease of getting things done: Going through Microsoft support team is easy and faster than any other means.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsiders might tender you a bill that is much more than what you can afford, but with Microsoft IT men, the cost of reaching them and getting things done is affordable.
  • Trust: You can trust Microsoft IT men than others because Microsoft is a company with a high reputation. This is much better than outsiders you don’t know.
  • Reliability: Microsoft is the manufacturer of Windows 7, thus there is no how service from them concerning windows 7 won’t be more than 100% reliable than others.

For all these reasons, it is far better to go through Microsoft Technical support.


You can subscribe to the Windows 7 support plan at an affordable monthly subscription rate. This will get you an easy and quick way of getting online help and support services on Windows 7 from certified Microsoft support technicians. Dial +1-888-735-9847 Windows support number and get instant technical support services by subscribing to Windows 7 InstaSupport plan. Pay just $9.99 as monthly subscription towards technical support and get 24×7 peace of mind because now you have a dedicated Windows technician. You will get 3 fixes in a month and the charge would be just $9.99 on monthly basis to subscribe technical support plan.No need to take your Windows system to a local store or anywhere to get software related issues fixed. Simply subscribe to Windows 7 technical support subscription plan and enjoy real-time instant help on Windows 7 from certified Microsoft Windows technicians. Subscribe Windows 7 InstaSupport NoW !!

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