Converting handwriting to text in OneNote is somehow one of the most important features in Microsoft OneNote program. But the process to convert handwriting to text in OneNote is not as simple as it sounds—you need to take on some important technical procedures to complete the process. OneNote handwriting to text conversion process includes some important technical tips that you need to implement very carefully if you don’t want to witness any types of technical errors in the Windows OneNote program.

OneNote handwriting helps people get their notes in a readable form that they can read and understand the notes easily. It is all a personalized feature that allows the users to convert their notes in such a way that they prefer.

But before you start the process of OneNote convert handwriting to text, you need to make sure you have instantaneous Windows customer support services to avail at all moments in time whenever you require. On other hand, you may also take a look at the official Windows online support page at and understand the way how you can easily get the process completed without any obstacles. OneNote in Windows 7 computer system has been a popular feature that every user finds it helpful in their day-to-day job.

Here are some technical procedures that you can implement while converting OneNote handwriting to text online.

  • To convert handwriting to text in OneNote, choose the note to convert.
  • Then select the “Draw” section in the options.
  • Select the “Ink to Text” option in the “Convert” option on the “Draw” section in the OneNote.
  • OneNote will start the process of converting OneNote ink to text.

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