The story of Microsoft Windows Support starts with your interest in having a Windows product. To know about the product and take a purchasing decision, you need some help and guidance from someone who knows the Windows products and services better than you. And no one other than Microsoft support center executives can do the job in a perfect manner. That is why there is a concept of pre and post sales service.

A pre sale support means interested buyers can get in touch with Microsoft Store and go for sales and support facility to take a purchasing decision. Following are simply some resources that can help Microsoft users get the right support in the right time to buy and use Microsoft Windows products. In addition, these resources help users fix all the issues they face when something is wrong with the products they are using at the moment:

  • Microsoft customer service phone number
  • Microsoft Windows community page or forums
  • Windows answer desk page and Microsoft helpline
  • Microsoft support email message or a live chat
  • remote assistance
  • Microsoft useful help & resource links
  • Support for OEM products
  • Microsoft call back options

Microsoft Windows support for technical and general queries

The best way to move to a new version of Windows is to upgrade to the latest version or purchase the CD of a new version. You can also have some links that you can follow in order to download the newest versions in a legal manner.

When you have a legal Windows product, you are liable to have authentic support from Microsoft troubleshooting support center in the following options:

  • Microsoft Customer Service and Support
  • Microsoft Technical Support

The former type of technical support is available for Windows users when they have some queries on Microsoft products and services. When users dial a toll-free number, the Microsoft representative answers the call and helps them locate the appropriate resource or team. The representative responds to the call and adequately answers questions so that the user can enhance its experience. Overall, it can be said that this sort of support is for having solutions for general customer service questions.

On the other hand, the latter help utility is for having support options and locating the appropriate support team in order to find solutions for technical errors and issues faced by Windows 10 users. Interestingly, it also has a self-help support or assisted support option. Here, users get simple guidelines and instructions from a support representative through a Microsoft Windows support phone number, a live chat, or an email message, whichever suits users the best.

Windows support service for everything with the software

Microsoft Windows support service center executives are capable of answering the best and guiding you in the right direction. Whether you need guidance for finding product key; checking order history and order status; re-downloading Windows product; requesting a return for Windows products; resetting admin password; and update account information for managing the account. On the other hand, there are common Windows issues with software update, upgrade, downloading, configuration, installation, compatibility, and performance.

Microsoft Windows support service never comes to you automatically until you get connected to the support center via any popular communication channel. Once your call reaches the helpdesk, executives confirm your product validity and respond as per the nature of support you actually need to bring the best out of technical support program. Microsoft also offers paid plans and extended support plans once the free support option is lapsed. These additional plans help Windows users get instant help from the world’s leading technology company Microsoft Corp.

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