Windows 10 Search Not Finding Desktop Applications

If your windows can’t search applications on your computer screen, then you should contact the experienced Windows professionals to find a real time windows support service in a real time. With the help of experienced technicians and their troubleshooting procedures, you can easily get rid of such technical problems in a real time. This is somehow one of the most common Windows 10 issues that may take place at any moments in time. Similar to other Windows 10 issues, it can also cause some unnecessary inconveniences in your Windows 10 PC.

Windows 10 Cortana Search Error and Problems

There are some certain error messages that you may confront if windows 10 search not finding applications. Here are some specific errors that you may experience on your Windows 10 PC:

  • windows 10 start menu not working
  • windows 10 search not finding
  • some features in windows 10 start menu

These are some specific errors that can happen to your Windows 10 PC. Whatever the issue or error messages you confront, you should never worry as you can deal with the error easily with the help of instant microsoft windows support services. To know more about the technical issues, you may visit the official page at and explore the technical reasons why such issues happen to Windows 10 PC.

Since you may have more than one option for contacting windows technical support technicians, but you should always avail of the toll-free windows support phone number in a real time to deal with the issues whatever you experience. The windows 24/7 support services can be availed at all moments in time through the toll-free number. Or, you may also have an access to the helpdesk at all moments in time whenever you require the solutions.

Try Re-installing Windows 10 Cortana in PowerShell

Re-installing Windows 10 Cortana using PowerShell help million Windows users to fix Windows 10 not searching desktop apps. Here at this step Windows 10 users must ensure that you Windows 10 copy is updated with latest Microsoft Windows updates.

Before you go for a real time windows customer support from the experts, you would better find out a reliable professional who can provide you with the best possible solutions with the utmost security. The security against any kind of other damages is always required—you would better select reliable customer service for windows through toll-free windows customer service number.

There is a team of expert Windows support professionals who can provide you with the best possible solutions. As we offer windows product support for round the clock without any obstacles, you may reach out to out experts at all moments in time through a toll-free windows tech support phone number at all moments in time.

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