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Contact Windows Support for technical help and to learn how to use Microsoft Windows 10 by dialing Windows phone support number. It is true that the Windows operating system is used by billions on a daily basis but there are some who are using the latest version Windows 10 for the first time in life. For such people, there is need of guidance.

One of the good things with the Windows 10 operating system is that it has the better synchronization and the universal application architecture. When you contact Windows technical support, you will be provided with enough guidance as to how to use this version and get the best out of it. Microsoft has made this operating system perfect as per the technologists. Above all, the update to this operating system is free of cost.

Make use of the start menu

It is important for you to have an understanding of the start menu. There are places on the left side and these are locations. Much used are the applications that you use on a regular basis. In the Recently added, you will see the new applications and all apps to see all the applications that are installed in the device.

You can make the start menu full screen

In the Start menu, on the top right corner, you can find the resize button and by this button, you can expand the menu full screen because of which you are able to see all the applications. You can pin your favourite application with the start menu. In the app list, you press and hold or right click the apps and the choose Pin to start.

Around the start menu, you drag the apps and after that, you can put them in the folders till the appearance of the driver bar. After that, you can add name to folder.

You tap on start and after that enter the search item. The search button is the same like Cortana but the activation of Cortana is done by voice. It makes use of the same search box. Windows 10 makes search of internet and PC at the same time.

Switching users, logging out and shutting down the PC

You can find the onscreen power button on top right corner of Start menu. Make a right click on the start button and then choose the correct option at the bottom of the menu list. This option is a temporary fix if the latest update of Windows 10 is not installed.

Installing the apps

It is important for you to properly understand the Windows store. The applications that are in the store of Windows 10 bring a uniform experience as far as the devices of Windows are concerned. You have the option to download from thousands of apps.

Discover the apps

From the start menu or the task bar, you can open the store. Trace the apps by using the search bar and after that look at featured, top and viewing categories. It is important that the active Microsoft account is logged in and the computer you are using is set on the current date.

Use the apps

In the App list, you can find the applications or you can trace it Under recent in the Start menu. Once you get the app, it is going to auto-update for free.

Multitasking with the operating system

You can drag the apps to the sides or corners of screen. This is for the opening of multiple apps at one and the same time.  For accessing the open apps, you can make use of task view.

If you want to change the apps settings, you can choose menu button located on top left corner.

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