Simple to use, web-focused, or call it focused with great features, Microsoft Windows has recently launched the latest version which you need to know about. Windows 10 S is a latest Windows version which provides the user to use complete Windows Play store applications. The version consists of high model hardware which is absolutely different from Windows 10. Because of its features to boot very quickly and provide access to certain core program, it has come in limelight to be in direct competition with Chrome Operating System.

There are many things you need to know about Windows 10 S, the latest edition of Windows 10. The upgrade can be made with Windows 10 S which you can’t find in Chrome OS. There is an easy option available for the user who doesn’t wish to get focused with Windows 10 S, they can switch to Windows 10 Pro and get out of the edition very easily. You would find familiar experiences with Windows 10 S with its features like: the creator update, Cortana, Windows Hello, Windows Ink, Microsoft Edge, and Paint 3D.

As a new customer, you always require to get information about Windows 10 S. The tips for various specifications in Windows 10 S can be known by professionals. Undoubtedly, you can find great information about the superior release of the version. The quick startup will provide you easy to use Windows edition named as “Windows 10 S”. The most important part for Windows 10 S is its security features. A verified security feature constitutes great performance and you can use entire Windows applications available on Play Store without any security threats. For more query about the security feature, Windows specialized professionals need to be approached.

As stated above, Windows 10 S user can download an application with its availability in Play Store and on the other hand you would not find the option in Chrome OS. This creates great difference and raises competition with Chrome. For more tips about Windows 10 S, you can always connect with a Windows technical support specialist. This will help you get precious and proper information about Windows 10 S and its great features. The Ecosystem applications would genuinely help you choose between iOS and Android.

Great hardware choice feature makes Windows 10 S more effective to use. You can get hardware compatibility bundled with great offers available with Windows 10 S. You don’t need to hunt for any driver and check any peripherals as you can find the peripherals working properly. Chrome OS even constitutes almost the similar feature but it lags to compete with the speed. These and more great features make Windows 10 S compete in a better way.

The choice is yours, you can get the trial for Windows 10 S and if not found well you can switch back to Windows 10 Pro.  The free to upgrade version or say as edition after Windows 10 is amazing. Windows have bounded the line to upgrade till the end of this year 2017. You can find complete details about the new release and switch to it with an ease. In case if you get to face any problem, you need to instantly connect with support expert having the expertise to provide Windows 10 S help and support. The company is back with big bounce and you can always find true information about the introduction to Windows 10 S and its release. Windows 10 S is an ideal version to use in the classroom and in colleges and you won’t need to hesitate to know about the update as the complete confusion can be cleared easily.

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