According to a survey, conducted by a website Winsupersite, Microsoft latest operating system Windows 10 is all set to outnumber Windows 7 OS by the end of this year 2017. As per the survey report, the number of Windows 10-based computer systems has increased as compared to the computer systems that run on Windows 7.

Presently, the latest operating system has gained the market share of 37.87%, whereas the Windows 7 OS has come down to 45.1% in the last few months. Though the experts had some different opinions at the release of Windows 10 due to the technical issues, but, over the period, Microsoft has managed to deal with every technical problem by introducing updates and patches time-to-time.

On the other hand, Windows customer service helpdesk has also played a remarkable job in addressing the issue. With every issue reported to the helpdesk, the professionals have resolved the issue through new updates. Apart for the official Microsoft support, some of the independent technicians do also offer their expertise to help people to troubleshoot the Windows 10 issues in a real time.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update:

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update is believed to be one of the key factors that make sure Windows 10 runs on more and more computer system. With new features and technological enhancements, the update empowers the operating system with some new capabilities.

And according to the Microsoft officials, some new features and capabilities are all set to hit the operating system in months to come.

How to get Windows 10 Fall Creator Update:

If you are using Windows 10 computer system, it will notify you whenever your computer system is ready for the updates. It will ask you to review the privacy settings so that the update can be downloaded.

If there is an incompatibility issue with the update on your Windows 10 PC, you may contact Microsoft windows technical support and get an instant Microsoft help and support service.

So the survey report outlines how Windows 10 OS has gained popularity among the Windows users over the period. They are now switching over to the latest edition, taking a note of the new features and technical capabilities.

Troubleshooting Windows issues made easier:

If you come through some irritating technical issues with your Windows 10 OS, then you must not worry as you have so many options to go for. Apart from the official Microsoft Windows customer help, some of the independent professionals are extending their Microsoft Windows support to assist the users in finding a real time solution.

Call Windows phone number and get a direct access to your selected technicians. They are available round the clock with all the robust and sustainable solution.

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