Microsoft Windows is the most used Operating System by people across the world. Because of its epic working and functions, one can find much efficient and effective use of Windows for the purpose of computing. For better computing, Microsoft has introduced its various versions time to time. The introductions made by Microsoft Windows have epically helped users to get new features and improvements from the older. Before the latest introduction of anniversary update, Microsoft      Windows 10, customers used to use Windows 8. And before that Windows 7 was in great use. Because of various improvements and changes, people switched to Windows 10, but still, there is a number of users using Windows 8 and Windows 7. The users are satisfied as Microsoft keeps updating the latest updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8 respectively.

For new users, it becomes great deal to choose Windows 7, 8 or 10. Though Windows 10 is the latest version, and people are used to 7 and 8thversion of Windows, for the same more number of people are likely to use Windows 8 and Windows 7. If one wishes to go for Windows 7 or Windows 8, it is required to know vast differences between both of them. Following are the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8:

Windows 7 was released after Windows XP and the release creates the biggest differences between each other. Windows 7 is very easy and simple to start whereas one would find complexities to use Windows 8 because of its totally different start screen. Out of the start screen, you would find best task manager in Windows 8 as compared to Windows 7. This creates better news about Windows 8. Microsoft Windows data box or move dialogue box can be found improved in Microsoft Windows 8. Windows 7 did not have good data copy or move as it can be obtained in Windows 8. Windows explorer has improved far better than that of Windows 7. The ribbon face can still be found in Windows 8 as it was there earlier with Windows 7. A Windows 8 customer can now sign in to Microsoft account with the use of Windows 8.

Other than these if it is required one can easily contact Windows support center where the easy availability of Windows technical support phone number will help to get more option to calculate differences between Windows 8 and 7. The help for information can be gained from Windows support chat. Though chat support is a good option Windows help phone number is mostly in use by users. One can easily find most relevant help from a tech support expert with the connectivity from Windows technical support number as this is the most appropriate way to get the differences between 7 and 8th versions of Microsoft Windows.

Either a user can use Windows 7 tech support for appropriate assistance or technical support from Windows 8. Both the support to gain big difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7 can be found easily with a dial on Windows 8 support number. To get help and real-time assistance one can go for big time help and assistance with just a click and get connected with tech expert with just a dial from tech help and support number by Windows. is the support link which will take instantly to great help and support and get complete differences. Windows 8 customer service or

Windows 7 support number would genuinely prove to be fruitful for glorious needful information. One can go and get help with Windows help chat or Microsoft windows tech support phone number from Windows 8 tech support. All can be done with Microsoft tech support toll free by connecting with

Call about windows operating system. You would be perfectly helped by Windows support team with a Call from windows technical support.

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