A number of Windows 10 users started dialing phone number for Windows after the moment when they confronted an irritating error message on their computer system. Though the operating system has potentially been in controversy since the day when it was first introduced, but the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is somehow one of the most controversial updates that can potentially bring in a slew of technical obstacles.

With every Windows Anniversary Update, the operating system faces new challenges – and this time, it was hit by an unusual error message saying: “Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC.” It may irritate a majority of users who have recently upgraded their PC to Windows 10. But it is never a challenging condition as they can easily get an access to the technicians by dialing a toll free Microsoft Windows support phone number at any moment in time.

But you should understand that the message on your computer display is no longer problematic one – on the other hand, it does carry a technical reason that you need to understand and address.

Microsoft is not cruel with its users – there are some technical reasons for the message that you receive on your Windows 10 PC. If you could understand, then go for an accurate solution. But if you find out any challenging element for the technical issues, you would better ask the Windows 10 technical support technician for real time assistance.

Why Microsoft shows such error messages:

Basically, the error message appears on your computer display because of the hardware issues. There might be some issues with the hardware units, or they might not be supported by the Microsoft Windows help center. In such conditions, you would better upgrade the hardware to the supported edition. Because the process comprises of some core technical procedures, you may reach out to the experts and ask them to assist you in upgrading the computer system.

The error messages have been found to be common with those computer systems that have somehow unsupported Intel processor. So, it is necessary to check whether the Intel processor you are using with your Windows 10 PC is a supported version.

You may also upgrade the processor with the latest edition. There is a rare condition when you keep facing the error message even when every hardware unit of your Windows 10 PC is upgraded to the latest edition. If such rare circumstances come to your way, then the reason may be somehow different than the usual one. But whatever the situation you come through, it’s all fixable. Find a real time Microsoft Windows customer help service to get rid of all technical odd error messages without any obstacles.

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