If your Windows 7 computer screen goes blue with some unusual error messages, dial a toll free Windows 7 support phone number and discuss the issue with Microsoft technicians available. When the issue hits your Window PC, it goes blank completely – you are not allowed to use any of the features and tools on your computer system. There are so many reasons why the issue develops unexpected shutdown or restart session on your computer system – but generally, it has been found that the error takes place due to some incompatibility problems between the software and hardware on your Windows 7 PC. Because the reasons for the issue are all known to the technicians, it is never a challenging issue to deal with.

With a number of Windows technicians available with their advanced troubleshooting, you should never endure the problem for a longer. As mentioned, you may use some easy and accurate modes of communication to approach the technicians in a real time – better would be dialing a toll free Windows 7 phone number support for an instant access.

If you can start your computer system, then you may easily roll back your Windows 7 PC to the previous state. Afterward, you should firstly check if you are using all the latest updates on your Windows 7 PC.

In addition to it, you may also try out the following technical procedures:

  • Restore the setup and system settings to undo the changes you have recently made to your computer system
  • Try Action Center and check whether there is any internal tool to troubleshoot the issue
  • You may also check the software updates, and any software program is running with the outdated edition
  • You may also look the updated edition of driver programs at the manufacturer’s website
  • Turn on your PC in safe mode to fix the issue
  • Check your computer for hard disk and memory errors

And what if you cannot start your Windows 7 PC?

Don’t worry – there are some specific troubleshooting procedures particularly for the situation when you are unable to start your Windows 7 computer system. You may also go through the Windows 7 help guide to understand the technical procedures.

In such conditions, you may try out restoring your computer system from the earlier backup. In addition, you may also fix some of the damaged Windows startup files. And finally, if none of the above procedures works, you may uninstall and reinstall the same using suggested techniques. But don’t forget to access a reliable Windows 7 tech support helpdesk for a real-time help in case of any unfortunate situation.

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