With a slew of new features and tools, Microsoft Windows 10 OS brings in so many changes for the Windows users who have been using almost same interface and tools with insignificant changes for years. With the arrival of Windows 10, the users have experienced quite a different interface and features on the computer system.

Microsoft Edge is one of the few new features in Windows 10. This is an internet browser that has replaced a decade-old internet browser the “Internet Explorer” from the Windows PC. It appears to have the browsing process with quite a smooth and flawless functionality; however, the browser has caused some Windows users to undergo unnecessary inconveniences.

Since the year, Microsoft Edge browser was brought in; some of the irritating issues have been creating issues with the overall procedures. To deal with such circumstances, Microsoft Windows support team has taken a move to address the reported issues.

The extension woes:

Extensions have been a key problematic area in Microsoft Edge. Presently, more than 70 extensions are available in the Windows Store and they are causing performance issues to the web browser. Though Microsoft has acknowledged the issue visibly, it is suggested not to choose an extension randomly for the web browser.

According to the official Microsoft blog, the developer is adding new functionalities to the web browser, but they have not addressed the problem properly.

Windows 10 updates causing unnecessary issues with Microsoft Edge:

As the Windows experts say, some of the irritating issues with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 OS are all caused by the Windows 10 updates that are rolled out time-to-time. If you find out the updates quite problematic for the features and tools on your Windows 10 PC, then turn off the Windows updates and avoid the updates on your computer system.

You may ask the official Windows 10 tech support technicians to help you in turning off the Windows updates on your PC.

Technical support for the issues in Microsoft Edge:

Though Microsoft is all set to roll out a slew of new features for the Microsoft Edge web browser, it is recommended to approach an expert for a real-time tech support for Windows 10 or other tools.

In addition to the official Microsoft support helpdesk, some of the independent professionals are also offering their technical services to help the Windows users in fixing issues with the web browser.

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