Microsoft keeps introducing security patches to Windows OS software suites so as to ensure protection and security against ant malware programs. But sometimes, the computer system gets infected even after installing the security patches because the identified malware program may have some new virus definition. Ransomware programs are somehow having the same behavior as people find their updated Windows PC infected from a different types of Ransomware programs.

Today, we have come through some irritating and damaging Ransomware programs such “WanaCrypt0r”, “WeCry”, “WanaCrypt”, Police-themed Ransomware, or “WeCrypt0r”. All these programs are aimed at stealing personal details. Windows support at keeps providing technical solutions on how to protect against malware attacks. However, your computer system remains exposed to such threats if you don’t follow some basic things.

Here in this write-up, we have pointed out some important things that you must follow to protect your PC from Ransomware:

  • Check if your computer system is updated
  • Use Windows Defender Antivirus tool to keep all the malicious elements away from your computer system
  • Keep on backing up your data files
  • If your PC has space, store the two copies of data files

In addition to these technical procedures, you can also exercise some important activities for your Windows PC. You should avoid:

  • Unsafe, suspicious, or fake websites.
  • Opening unsolicited email messages and downloading attachments if the email messages are coming from unknown persons
  • Clicking on unsafe website links coming to your PC through Facebook or other social networking websites

What if you find your PC infected with Ransomware?

So these are the procedures that you can implement to avoid the infection. But what you should do if your Windows PC have got the Ransomware infection. First of all, you can dial Microsoft Windows customer help phone number for an access to Windows experts as they are available round the clock to provide technical support for Microsoft Windows.

You may discuss each and every symptom or unknown behavior that you are witnessing on the computer display. Secondly, you may also download Ransomware Removal Tools for Windows to remove the identified malicious elements. On the other hand, you may also remove the Ransomware infections from your PC using free tools that are available on the internet.

More importantly, don’t forget to back up your Windows files as you can restore your files at any moment whenever you require. Contact an expert and get a real time Windows tech support by dialing a toll free Microsoft support phone number.

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