You can attain various windows explorer tips by availing microsoft windows support services. Just call windows and ask for windows free support for latest windows folder tips and tricks. In order to obtain windows technical support all you need to do is dial windows customer service number. The phone number for windows support will offer you different kinds of windows file explorer tips and tricks.  Customers also have an option of windows online support, other than a windows tech support phone number.

Use the contact number for windows support to get in touch with technicians who handle the microsoft windows tech support phone number.  The microsoft windows tech support number professionals answer every complaint that reaches them via the contact windows support phone number. You may also visit; to get time to time information on new updates and issues. Do not hesitate to dial the windows phone tech support number at the time of need. Once you dial the microsoft windows customer support phone number, the microsoft windows update support professional will offer you with the best possible service.

Following are the tricks you would learn about after dialing the phone number for windows technical support and approaching a windows phone live-chat support expert:-

  1. Delete Recent File Browsing History: You need to delete your recent file browsing history in order to remove those files appearing in the sidebar. Go the privacy options and uncheck the quick access boxes.
  2. Rename Multiple Files: In order to rename multiple files with different names, use the TAB option to use “Rename Mode”
  3. Disable Ads: Simply go to the Folder Options, followed by the ‘View’ Tab to disable annoying Show Sync Provider Notifications.
  4. Open File Explorer on This PC: Open File Explorer, and right-click on the “Quick Access” icon on the left panel. Select Options. Just select the ‘This PC’ option for the “Open File Explorer On” choice.
  5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Use as many keyboard shortcuts as possible to become a power Windows User and have quick access to all the files.
  6. Remove Cloud Services from Sidebar: The cloud services option appearing in the sidebar is very easy to remove, if you wish to hide those files from other users who use the same PC as you.
  7. Add File Types to New Item Menu: Right-click an empty space in File Explorer, then click on New followed by selecting the file type that you want to create.
  8. Speedily Rotate Pictures: If you wish to rotate a specific picture you can do so by simply left-clicking on the picture or selecting the specific range of your choice.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks are very well tried and tested by windows expert support professionals and thus, you can easily put them to use. American customers can dial the windows support phone number usa in order to get most reliable microsoft windows customer support. With microsoft windows customer service and support, you would get a call from windows support technician to solve your query.  So, the next time you encounter an issue, do not panic or worry and use phone call from windows support. By utilizing windows professional support you will get an added advantage of receiving windows 24/7 support.  Moreover, by dialing the phone number for windows tech support you will be able to contact windows support center directly.

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