Ever since Microsoft rolled out its latest operating system Windows 10 two years ago, users have experienced so many technological events related to the functionality and features of Windows 10. Despite the fact that Windows 10 has been in the limelight for being exposed to a slew of technical errors, I have had a good experience with the operating system—not because of the major changes Microsoft has introduced, but due to some hidden and least-explored features that allow me to make the best use of Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

While the features have always been encouraging aspects of Windows 10 OS, the instant Windows help services do also make a huge change. As of my own experience, I could manage to get rid of all the technical glitches whenever I encountered any technical glitches.

Along with the official Windows help desk, some independent professionals have also provided an immediate Windows customer service.

Here are some Windows 10 features that have been glossed over or put under veil. However, I believe, these features are worth noting if you aim at using the latest Windows OS for the utmost conveniences.

Virtual Desktop:

Microsoft has come up with some changes to allow the users to avoid additional expenses on purchasing multiple desktop computers. Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 PC allows the users to create more than one desktop at one time—you may create multiple virtual desktops as you can use one for your personal stuff, one for your hidden data files, and so on.

You can create virtual desktop by pressing Win+Tab keys simultaneously. For more details, call Windows or Windows helpline number for an expert help.

Better integration with Skype:

Even through Skype belongs to Microsoft; a better integration was yet to be introduced. With Windows 10 OS, it is now friendlier to Windows users with a lightweight video call application. You may also personalize the application in accordance with your requirements. Some of the windows online support professionals are helping users in customizing Windows applications.

Storage analysis:

Like most of the Windows users, I have been quite annoyed with an odd phenomenal with Windows PC—it was not allowed to analyze the storage capacity before the introduction of Windows 10 OS. Now it is possible to check that which application is taking up space on your Windows 10 PC.

It helped me cope with the storage problem on my Windows 10 computer system.

Stop Cortana from using Bing:

It is really amazing to have Cortana not using Bing search engine—you can make some changes in the settings and let the artificial assistant to use your preferred search engine. The process to disable Cortana Bing capabilities should be handled carefully. Contact Microsoft by phone and get an immediate Microsoft windows 10 support service for changing settings in Cortana.

So, these are some specific features that keep the operating system apart from the crowd. You would find even more if you would start using or exploring the operating system. For a complete guide or Windows 10 tutorials, you may call Microsoft or dial 24/7 Windows customer service phone number for an instant help.

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